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Grilled Swordfish Steaks & Prawns - August 31, 2007

Recipe of the Week - August 31, 2007

Grilled Swordfish Steaks w/Grilled Prawns & Peppers over Rice. This is an easy flavorful recipe that can be either grilled or pan sauteed!

Hawaiian Swordfish (Shutome) Steaks 6/9oz(One or two per person)
Wild Gulf Shrimp U15 or 16/20 Count (4-8oz per person)
Long Grain Rice (1/4 Cup Per Person Uncooked)
Tom Douglas Peri Peri Rub
Tom Douglas Spicy Tokyo Rub
Soy Sauce
Freshly Ground Black Pepper
Olive Oil
Green, Yellow & Red Bell Peppers

Prep Time (15 Minutes)

Thaw your Swordfish Steaks & Wild Jumbo Gulf Shrimp in the refrigerator overnight or run under cold water to thaw.

In a mixing bowl, place 2 tsp of Tom Douglas Tokyo Rub & 5 tbsp of Olive oil. Mix together.

Core & Slice the Bell Peppers. We like the effect & taste of using all three in equal amounts, but you could substitute one or two varieties instead.

Slice 1/4 of each pepper for every 2 persons. Place in mixing bowl.

Peel & De-vein the Wild Jumbo Gulf Shrimp & place in bowl with the peppers olive oil & rub.

Toss the Prawns & peppers with the spice/olive oil mix & put in refrigerator.

Remove the Sword Steaks from the package & place on a plate.

Coat one side of the Swordfish Steaks with Tom Douglas Peri Peri Rub.

Cooking Time (20 Minutes)

Pre-Heat your Grill

Wash, Rinse & place your rice in a pot or rice cooker.

After the rice has been placed on simmer, wait 10 Minutes then get ready to grill!

In a grill pan, place your Wild Prawn & Pepper Mixture. This will be turned once in 3-5 minutes.
Place the Swordfish Spice Side Down on the Grill 2 or 3 minutes later. Season the side without the rub to taste with salt & pepper.

Turn the Swordfish when the fat is visible leaving 1/3 of the way thru the steak.

Toss or flip the prawns & peppers with tongs when they are seared on one side.

Assembly (Plating)

Place the cooked rice on one side of each plate.

Make a "swirl" of Soy Sauce on the Rice

Remove the Grill Pan from the Grill and place the Prawns & Peppers on the rice.

Remove the Swordfish Steaks & place next to the Rice & Prawns




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