Thursday, January 11, 2007

Winter Salmon Prices

It's winter and salmon prices for Coho and Sockeye are on the rise. The three culprits are high demand, low supply and the ever present cold storage bill!

Coho Salmon did not enjoy a robust landing this year. Like many salmon species, they arrived several weeks later than usual and the total catch was down. Much of this was caused by a lack of season adjustment by fish & game to their tardiness and becoming intermingled with the Chum Salmon run.

We expect that Sockeye Salmon will be unavailable by late February to early March. No more until late June or early July with the exception of the Copper River Run in early June. Every year, we increase our processing by 20%-30% yet still run out!

The "Star of the Show" for Winter Salmon is Pacific Steelhead! For years, Pacific Steelhead have been a closely guarded secret of many Northwest Chefs. They run throughout most of the winter months and we are processing them daily. We have a steady supply of this fantastic fish until late April, and hopefully enough to get us thru to August when they next return!

King Salmon - We have introduced our Wild King Salmon Steaks in 4/5oz portions. This is a low cost easy way to enjoy King Salmon. We package 2 4/5oz Steaks per vacuum package. This is ideal for both dieters and big eaters. One vaccum package for 2 or 2 Steaks per person! We have introduced them at $44.99 for 5lbs & $84.99 for 10lbs plus shipping.

Wild Ocean Seafoods is happy to announce a new, quick way to buy our products! We call it SeafoodFast!TM. Seafood Fast!TM is available for many of our most popular products and includes 2 Day FedEx Shipping! SeafoodFast!TM utilizes Google Checkout, a safe and secure way to order. You can use SeafoodFast!TM from our Informational Web Site or for Selected Items at our Gourmet Food Mall or Prostore Online Stores.


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