Saturday, May 20, 2006

Fresh or Fresh Frozen Fish?

Fresh or Fresh Frozen? "Fresh Fish", when referring to any wild catch means "recently caught". After the fish is caught, it is impossible to improve on it's freshness. The key is to maintain it's freshness.

With many purveyors, the fresh fish is off loaded from the fishing vessel and taken to a refrigerated warehouse, then packed for shipment. Many times, this fresh fish has already been aboard the fishing vessel on ice for several days. By the time some of these fish reach their destination, they may be over a week old.

Many Seafood Companies send their catch to Asia to be processed. The fish are caught, frozen, shipped to a processing facility overseas, thawed, processed, then re-frozen for shipment. In this case, the fish are referred to as "twice frozen". If re-freezing is required after transport, the fish has now been frozen 3 times!

Fresh Frozen Fish, however, are processed within hours of arrival, blast frozen, and vaccum packaged. Once Frozen fish are literally only hours old when thawed for cooking. The key to freezing fish is to quckly lower the temperature. Slow freezing allows ice crystals to grow, which can rupture the meat. Upon arrival at their destination, the once frozen fish are still frozen or partially frozen and can be re-frozen without any discrenable loss of texture or flavor.

We specialize in Once Frozen pre-portioned Boneless Fillets. In our Salmon processing facility, the fish are split, filleted, de-boned, trimmed, and blast frozen within 24 hours of arrival. Our trimming operation removes the thinner tail section and trims the belly to provide more uniform fillet portions. Not only do the fillets cook more uniformly, but the simply look better on the plate! The tail portions & belly strips are then alder smoked with our 50 year old recipe.

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