Thursday, December 28, 2006

2007 New Product Update

As the Holiday Season is coming to an end, we thought it was time to let everyone know what’s new for 2007 at Wild Ocean Seafoods!

Gourmet Canned Seafood
We now have all our Gourmet Canned Salmon in stock! Our offerings for 2007 include King (Chinook) Salmon, Pacific Steelhead Salmon & Sockeye Salmon in 6oz EZ Open cans. All three are available in Hot Smoked or Regular Flavors. Our Hot Smoked Canned Salmon is quite unique. Most canned smoked Salmon is made by a cold smoke process prior to canning. With our Hot Smoke process, the fillets are placed in our Hot Smoker for 30 minutes to get the maximum smoke flavor without cooking the fillets. Then each fillet is hand cut and packed in the can. The result is a superb canned salmon that we feel has no equal. All of our Gourmet Canned Salmon is made from Fillets instead of bits & pieces. See all our Gourmet Canned Seafoods at our ProStore or Gourmet Food Mall.

Smoked Salmon Pouches
We have Smoked Salmon Pouches (retorts) available in 16oz Sockeye Salmon & 8oz King Salmon. These make ideal gifts as they are completely shelf stable and require no refrigeration until opening. See our Salmon Pouch Selections at our ProStore or Gourmet Food Mall.

Traditional Hot Smoked Salmon
Our Traditional Hot Smoked Salmon certainly hit a home run this Holiday Season! We are just starting to catch up on inventory. We have Hot Smoked King Salmon in Traditional Alder Smoke as well as Alder Smoke & Garlic and Alder Smoke & Pepper. We also have 11/12oz Pacific Steelhead and Sockeye Salmon Body Fillets. For many of you who are NW transplants, you may be familiar with King & Sockeye Smoked Salmon Strips (bellies). They were a big hit over the holidays and we plan to increase our inventory as we have been over sold on these items all season. Smoked Sockeye & Pacific Steelhead Tails will also be in stock in the next few days in a 7/8oz size. Take a look at our Hot Smoked Salmon Selections at our ProStore or Gourmet Food Mall.

Wild Salmon & Grill Planks
Our Sockeye & Steelhead 1lb Body Fillets with Alder Cooking Plank continue to be very popular! We have both Sockeye & Pacific Steelhead w/Plank in 5lb non-spiced and 3lb pre-rubbed with Tom Douglas Salmon Rub. Visit the Sockeye Salmon & Pacific Steelhead Sections at our ProStore or Gourmet Food Mall.

King (Chinook) Salmon
We will be introducing King Salmon Steaks next week. This should be a great compliment to our King Salmon Fillets and a very good value as they will be priced somewhat lower than the fillets. Sizes & Packaging are unknown until we talk to the fish, but we are hoping to stay with our Standard 6oz, 8/9oz sizes 2 per package.

Sockeye & Pacific Steelhead Salmon
We hope to introduce Pacific Steelhead in a 6oz portion size in the next few weeks. It has been very popular in 8/9oz and 16oz, but many of our older customers are looking for smaller portions. We aim to please! Once we get set on the 6oz Pacific Steelhead, we will be introducing a new 6oz Wild Salmon Sampler with Pacific Steelhead, Sockeye & King Salmon in either 7.5lb or 9lb Size. We thought about a smaller sampler in 4.5lb but the freight cost make this tough to do at a good value to our customers.


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