Saturday, July 22, 2006

Wild Ocean Seafoods Product Update

It’s sunny in Ferndale today. All the shipping is done, so we figured it was time to let everyone know what we have been up to the past couple of months!

We are carrying Tom Douglas’ “Run with Love” Spice Rubs on our Web Site. The response, especially from “Northwest Transplants” has been tremendous, with our initial order sold out in 4 days! (We have more in stock) Check out our Spices, Rubs & Oils Category!

Still on the Tom Douglas note, many of you are familiar with him from his Seattle Restaurants (The Dahlia Lounge, Etta’s Seafood, the Palace Kitchen & Lola); or from Guest Appearances on Emeril Live! For those who are unfamiliar with Tom, he is a James Beard Association Award Winning Chef (1994) and Author. His latest book called “I love Crab Cakes” features Northwest Dungeness Crab. A link to his books and other Northwest Recipes can be found at: The Wild Ocean Seafoods Recipe Page.

Another new partner in providing the "Complete Solution" to Salmon Grilling is Rachael Ray! We are awaiting our new shipment of Rachael Ray EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil). We have EVOO available in 8.5oz, 17oz, & 25oz bottles. See it all on our Spices, Rubs & Oils Page!

Lastly, we have developed some new products, featuring Tom Douglas’ Salmon Spice Rub! We have both Sockeye Salmon & Steelhead Salmon pre-spiced with Tom’s Salmon Rub! Each offering features 3lbs of Salmon, Ready to Grill, pre-spiced with Tom’s Salmon Rub & Traditional Alder Cooking Plank! This rub is what is used to prepare “Etta’s Salmon” ("the best salmon dish in Seattle" - Northwest Palate Magazine). It’s like eating “Seattle’s Best Salmon” at home at 1/3 the price! (If you happen to come to Seattle, there really is no place better to enjoy Salmon than Etta’s, we encourage you to visit!)

Salmon Prices are unlikely to take the middle season dip we have come to expect over the past decade. High fuel prices, low availability, and high Wild Salmon demand are keeping prices at winter levels. Prices are likely to be flat or RISE over the coming months as some large processors are trying to tie up the market for off season sales. We have steady supplies, but we are paying more for our fish. Since we are the primary processor, we will hold the line on prices as long as possible.

Halibut prices are remaining high due to fuel prices & high demand as well. We have adequate Halibut supplies & commitments, but prices will go higher in coming months. If you love Halibut, get it now!

Dungeness Crab will begin again soon. We like to wait until mid to late season to open our processing line. The Crabs have “filled out” into their new shells and they are a better value to you than early Dungeness Crab. We have the “good stuff” in inventory and hope to make it thru the next 60 days.

We have been reading with great interest two exposé’s; One in the New York Times, and the other in Consumer Reports regarding farm raised salmon being sold as Wild Salmon. You will be amazed at who is listed as selling mislabeled salmon! This behavior is disappointing. Looking back at all the years our fishermen “took it on the chin” competing with farmed salmon, which, as we now know have significant ecological and health issues. To have our customers mislead as to the origin of their fish is like selling “Betsy the dairy cow” as Prime Aged Black Angus Beef!

Wild is in our company name for a reason. Our forefathers have fished for Wild Salmon for over 100 years. Our reputation is built on providing the highest quality Northwest Seafood Products available, direct to our customers. We believe that our service to you has meaning, and we intend to keep innovating our processing to provide the best quality product at the lowest possible price without compromise. Hopefully, the fish will cooperate!

One last note: We maintain 2 Web Stores, Our Original Store and Our New Store at the Gourmet Food Mall. Why? Well, the Original Store Host Site is not as reliable as we would like. There seem to be ongoing problems with uptime and technical issues with their database servers. When it works, the Original Store offers anonymous checkout. Order, pay, and we ship! No need to “Register”. Our new site at the Gourmet Food Mall requires registration, as you can shop in multiple stores and have a “single checkout”. Same stuff on both sites, same prices, same shipping!


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