Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It is/was Dungeness Crab Season

This has been an interesting fall/winter Dungeness Crab season!

In hind site, the writing was on the wall as the Alaska Dungeness Crab fishery whimpered to a close with a 37% drop in landings when compared to last year. The west coast Dungeness Crab fisheries started off mired in pricing controversies, with attempts by major processors to force the price downwards from the previous year.

Demand is up significantly and supply is far below projections as the year begins. Cash buyers have bid up Dungeness Crab ex-boat prices to nearly double the original processor settement offer.

The coastal crab seasons in WA, OR & CA began with terrible weather, forcing the fleet to the docks for almost 3 weeks. The weather has improved, but the Dungeness Crab landings have not. Several of our neighbors are returning from the coastal crab fishery as soon as their bait supply is depleted.

Looking forward thru April, Dungeness Crab will be very hard to come by and quite expensive.

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