Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Introducing Fresh Frozen Hawaiian Seafood!

We are please to announce the formation of our first subsidiary, Hawaiian Seafoods! It has long been the goal of our company to expand our product line to include additional Premium Wild Fresh Frozen Seafood caught in the USA. Wild Hawaiian Seafood covers a diverse group of fish species that are either unique to the Hawaiian Islands, or grow to significantly larger sizes due to the unique makeup of this 1500 mile long archipelago. The Hawaiian Islands stretch from Midway Island to the Island of Hawaii. Some key factors that make Hawaiian Seafood a unique source for Fresh Frozen Seafood include:

Location: Hawaii is just about 2500 miles from anywhere. With the exception of certain migratory species, many Hawaiian fish complete their entire life cycle in Hawaiian waters.

Water Quality: There is virtually no industrial activity that can impact water quality in Hawaii. The nearest industrial activity is 2500 miles away in California.

Fisheries Management: Hawaii is perhaps the most sensitive to its entire ecology of any State. Hawaiian fisheries management maintains very close ties to the University of Hawaii and their continuing marine studies programs. Since many fisheries operate virtually year round, the catch is monitored daily by the Hawaii’s Fisheries Management Department.

Species Diversity: Hawaiian Fish Species fall into 4 General Categories:

Tuna: Ahi (Bigeye & Yellowfin), Aku (Skipjack) & Tombo (Albacore)

Billfish: Hebi (Spearfish), Kajiki (Pacific Blue Marlin), Nairagi (Striped Marlin) & Shutome (Broadbill Swordfish)

Open Ocean Species: Mahimahi (Dolphinfish), Monchong (Bigscale or Sickle Pomfret), Ono (Wahoo), & Opah (Moonfish)

Bottomfish: Hapu'upu'u (Grouper), Onaga (Ruby Snapper), Opakapaka (Crimson Snapper) &
Uku (Snapper or Jobfish)

As we have done with our Wild Salmon, we are only offering the premium species to bring to your table. We currently have Shutome (Broadbill Swordfish) Steaks & Opakapaka Fillets (Crimson Snapper) in our facility in Ferndale WA.

Why Ship from Ferndale instead of Honolulu?

Cold Storage & Freight costs from Honolulu are prohibitive. Shipping large quantities to a single mainland location reduces both the total cost & the shipping costs to our customers.

Primary processing is done in Honolulu. The fish are cut & blast frozen, the shipped by Air Freight to Seattle, WA. We meet the plane & reefer truck our container to Ferndale.
Final Processing & Packaging is done in our Ferndale facility while the fish is still in it's once frozen state.
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