Saturday, August 11, 2007

Labor Day Seafood & New Online Store!

We have just opened our New Online Store and will continue to add products to it over the next several weeks (We have 100 or so items moved thus far).

With our new store, we have been able to significantly improve navigation, related items and often purchased items are displayed next to the primary product with thumbnail pictures, and the check out cart has item pictures as well. Shipping has been refined further with a live FedEx feed. Since this is a new site, we expect there will be "glitches". Please call us Toll Free @ 1-800-980-2435 to report any problems or "interesting" experiences!

We need YOUR feedback to make our store the best it can be!

What’s hot in August:

Dungeness Crab – We will have to modify our descriptions on the Whole Dungeness Crab as we are receiving monsters! The Crab Sections are also bigger as well! After the disaster of last year’s season, it is great to see the crab returning in such abundance!

Alaska King Crab – It is pretty clear that we will not have enough to last until the new opening. We suggest that anybody thinking King Crab Legs get them by Labor Day.

BBQ & Seafood AccessoriesCrab & Lobster Bibs, Sea Shellers, Crab Mallets, Crab Crackers, Grill Planks & Butter Warmers …. Everything you need for a perfect Labor Day party!

Tom Douglas Spices & Rubs – We have been using & recommending Tom’s rubs for several years now and there seem to be a lot of re-orders! Peri Peri Rub adds a great spicy kick to Opakapaka, Halibut, & Swordfish. Masala Rub is also ideal for these fish with a milder flavor. Tokyo Rub is our favorite for Giant Scallops & Jumbo Gulf Shrimp. Tom’s Salmon Rub is featured on our Grill Ready Plank Salmon & works very well on all Salmon Species. Several of our customers have reported significantly improved results by replacing Old Bay® with Tom’s Seafood Rub! Tom’s Seafood Rub is also great on Scallops!

Pacific Halibut – The fish are really looking great right now. We have them in Steaks & your choice of 4/6oz & 8/9oz Fillets.

Sockeye Salmon – Fresh from Alaska, the color & taste are superb!

Troll King Salmon – We are getting a small but steady supply of these beautiful fish. They are running on the large size, as we reported last month, so expect the portions to be somewhat thicker than before, especially on the 6oz portions. Add another 3 minutes or so on the BBQ or in the oven.

Coho Salmon – Still early but we are getting some Troll Coho in with the Kings. Expect our inventory to increase after Labor Day

Swordfish – We continue to be amazed by the oil content of the fish we are receiving! Next to Salmon, Swordfish has more Omega 3’s than most other pelagic species.

Opakapaka – We have good stock, but it is really just trickling in until early November. If you are looking for Hawaii’s premium table snapper… this is it!

Smoked Salmon – This is a perfect gift for any time! We have Sockeye & King Salmon Retort Pouches. No refrigeration needed until opening. Now with Free Shipping! Hot Smoked Salmon will make it to the new store in the next week or so.



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