Friday, July 20, 2007

Wild Ocean Seafoods – Mid Summer Seafood News

It has been raining in Ferndale for the past few days (go figure). We had a great 4th of July, somewhat quieter than many past years. (Very few loud explosions after 11pm) It seems that the mid-week 4th kept some of the summer folks home and our neighborhood teenagers at school or work. The skies are clearing and we expect to return to our warm summer days next week.

In Kodiak, it’s raining too. Our friends fishing in Alaska are not happy campers right now. Since the season began, the fish are running late and have been on the “small” size when compared to previous years. One of our neighbors, at this time last year, had already caught 1.2 Million Pounds of Salmon; this year 400,000 pounds as of the same date. There were 70% as many fish, but much smaller than last year so far. Alaska Biologists are still predicting a record run, hopefully the later fish will follow the pattern of being larger as well.

We have consolidated some inventory numbers to un-clutter the Online Store and make things easier to find. As an example, there were 2 item numbers for 5lbs of Sockeye Salmon Boneless Fillets; one for 4/6oz & one for 8/9oz. Now there is one item number, and you can choose the fillet size before adding it to your cart!

What is Hot this Month:

Gizmos”: Also known as “BBQ & Seafood Accessories”. We have just received a shipment of Sea Shellers! Originally invented by a Seattle Couple after fighting it out with Florida Crab on vacation, they later sold the design to a specialty manufacturer. Once there, like IBM, it was given a part number and became very difficult to get J. These easy to use devices make deveining & peeling our Jumbo Shrimp & Prawns a breeze! Tired of the effort getting those Dungeness or King Crab Legs open? Try The Sea Sheller! We have them in 5 packs & 25 packs. After many requests we have also begun to stock Crab Mallets for your next big crab feed. We are having a little trouble keeping our Ceramic Butter Warmers in stock. They have been very popular with Crab & Lobster purchases and are currently on back order thru the end of the month. We have Grill Planks on Sale! Now is the perfect time to stock up on Alder & Cedar Grill Planks!

Pacific Halibut: We have made some changes in how we offer Halibut Fillets. Over the past few years, we sold a 5lb package containing 2-3 Fillets. This proved a little unwieldy for many of our customers. We now offer Pacific Halibut Fillets in 4/6oz & 6/9oz sizes, packaged 2 per vacuum pack just like our Wild Salmon.

Sockeye Salmon: We have some great Alaska Sockeye in stock! Firm, super color, and great tasting! Visit our Wild Sockeye Salmon section for details!

King Salmon: We are getting limited supplies of King (Chinook) Salmon from Alaska Troll Fisheries as well. These fish are very large! Expect the fillets to be quite thick, requiring a couple extra minutes in the oven or on the BBQ.

Opakapaka (Crimson Snapper): We really lucked out on this one! We have a few hundred pounds of Opakapaka in from one of our Hawaiian suppliers. For those of you who have had dinner in Hawaii’s best restaurants, you have probably experienced this delicious, firm, snapper. We offer Opakapaka in 12/14oz Whole Boneless Fillets & 6/7oz Boneless Fillets.

Shutome (Broadbill Swordfish): We have concentrated our buying efforts over the past few months on smaller sized Swords. Next to Wild Salmon, Swordfish is very high in Omega 3 Oils. Beginning in May 2007, the fishery has been certified as having attained the biomass necessary for a sustainable fishery. These Sword Steaks are absolutely outstanding!

Giant Sea Scallops: Not “Bay” Scallops, our Giant Sea Scallops are available in U10 Count (Under 10 Scallops per Pound) & 10/20 Count (10 to 20 per pound). These scallops are from the northern gulf of Maine & southern Bay of Fundy Region. Our scallops are “dry packed” without preservatives. Most imported scallops are “Wet Packed” with a preservative solution to stabilize them & improve their color. As always, Wild Caught in the USA!

Jumbo Gulf Prawns & Shrimp: Our Wild Jumbo Gulf Prawns & Shrimp are available now in U15 & 16/20 Count. We package these in 1lb vacuum bags for ease of use and offer them in 5lb or 10lb sizes. We are confident that you can taste the difference! As always, NO PRESERVATIVES!



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