Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Recipe of the Week - Escabische (Portuguese-Style Marinated Fish)

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King Salmon Update
Did you know that a King Salmon weighing over 30lbs is often referred to as a "Tyee" (Native American for Chief) Salmon? King (Chinook) Salmon pricing is still very high due in part to a slow season start, but also due to some speculation due to the California/Southern Oregon Salmon Closure. There will be plenty of fish next month. Right now, we are maintaining minimum inventories and apologize for the price in advance. We recommend you try Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon for your July Salmon BBQ. Our Wild Sockeye is available as 4/6oz, 7/9oz & 16oz Boneless Fillets.[TOP]

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Escabische (Portuguese-Style Marinated Fish)
aka “Paniolo Poke” in Hawaii
Recipe of the Week – July 16th 2008

[Escabische (Portuguese) Escabeche (Spanish) or “Paniolo Poke” (Named after the Portuguese Cowboys who settled on the Big Island) is a great summer appetizer, starter or light supper for those beautiful hot summer nights where you just don’t feel like cooking over heat.

2 lbs. Wild Ocean Seafoods Ono (Wahoo) Fillets cut into cubes
(or other firm textured fish, i.e. Shibi, Pacific Halibut or Shutome)
3 Firm Ripe Roma Tomatos
2 garlic cloves/ minced
1 purple onion
1 cup distilled vinegar
2 Bay Leaves
1 bunch parsley (Diced)
½ cup olive oil
1 large lime (Squeezed over fish)
Salt/Pepper to taste

Prep: (Mis en Place)
Mince Garlic Cloves
Dice Roma Tomatos
Dice Parsley
Dice Purple Onion Medium Fine
Combine Ingredients in a large bowl with Squeezed Lime, Olive Oil and Vinegar

Cooking: (Marinating)
Fold the Ono Cubes into the bowl and fold lightly until mixed thoroughly.
Cover with plastic wrap and let marinade for 3 hours.

Serve chilled with crackers, fresh baguette or on chilled lettuce leaf. [TOP]

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Seafood News
The Texas Shrimp Season starts today - About 200 shrimpers left Brownsville and Port Isabel on Monday for their bread and butter Texas shrimp season. Most of the boats had been fishing in Louisiana during the recent opening there. These are mostly freezer vessels, making trips of 35 to 45 days. They expect to catch around 600 to 1000 pounds of shrimp per day. The fishing starts near shore, and then most of the boats head offshore 20 or 30 miles. July and August represent the heart of the Gulf shrimp season. Expect inventories on our larger Wild Gulf Shrimp to improve in September. [TOP]



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