Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

It’s just a couple weeks until Mother’s Day is upon us. This is a very busy time of year at Wild Ocean Seafoods. As with last year, there are going to be some shortages on some popular items. We have outlined some gift ideas for Mom and some items to watch as stock on them is constrained.

Dungeness Crab – As with last year, it is the end of the Washington crab season(s). There are very few crab being caught and the ex-vessel price is unusually high. We also made what seems in hind site to be a tactical error by producing more Dungeness Crab Sections than Whole Cooked Crab. As a result, we will NOT be offering our 2 Whole Cooked Crab item. Orders for Whole Cooked Crab are available in our popular 6 Crab Configuration Only. This will be back on our site to order by this weekend. Dungeness Crab Sections are available in all four of our sizes. We expect to be out of Dungeness Crab before Mother’s Day, so please order early and schedule your shipment for delivery prior to Mothers Day.
If we do run out, please consider a Wild Ocean Seafoods Gift Certificate instead.

Alaska King Crab – We have King Crab available in all sizes; Super Jumbo Whole Legs, Super Jumbo Select Portions and Snap n Eat Legs. These are the LARGEST sizes available! We have them available in package sizes from 5lbs to 20lbs and can be shipped 2 Day UPS.

Hawaiian Seafood – Our Hawaiian Seafood Combo Packs have been very popular this year. You can find them in each Hawaiian Fish category or under Gift Boxes & Certificates in the Fresh/Frozen Seafood Gifts section.

Wild Salmon – Wild King & Sockeye Salmon, to borrow a baseball phrase, have been in our “Wheelhouse” for over 100 Years. We have ample supplies if both Wild King Salmon & Wild Sockeye Salmon available. Our Wild Salmon Combo Packs are also available in each Salmon category or under Gift Boxes & Certificates in the Fresh/Frozen Seafood Gifts section.

Smoked Salmon Pouches – Now, thru Mothers Day, we have free shipping on our 16oz Wild Sockeye Salmon Pouches! These ship USPS Priority Mail, so allow 3 days for arrival.

Parner Offers - Check out our Partner offers in for Mothers Day Specials on Coffees & Teas, Wines & Beverages, Cookware and Gourmet Meats & Cheese.

We will be posting some Mothers Day Brunch Recipes in our Recipe of the Week section over the next week. We will send a summary with links hopefully by next Monday.
Order early as we get a lot of orders on the Thursday & Friday before that will not arrive on time or the freight charge for Saturday delivery will be very high! 2 Day Air Orders must be in by 10am PDT Wednesday May 7th, Overnight Orders by 10am PDT on May 8th. We will ship on May 9th for delivery on May 10th but you MUST CALL for this service. Call us toll free @ 1-800-980-2435 if you have an emergency shipping requirement! Lastly, we will run out of some items, and last minute orders may not ship in time, particularly Crab in the last few days leading up to Mothers Day.


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