Saturday, March 08, 2008

Final Four Party Ideas

The NCAA Tournement is upon us and we have some suggestions for a Party! We decided to break this down by the number of guests and re-print some popular appetizer recipes.

Dungeness Crab:

Dungeness Crab Sections - We did most of the work for you! Cooked, Cleaned & Brine Frozen Clusters. Recommended Order Sizes:
4 Persons - 5lbs Crab Sections; 6 Persons - 10lbs Crab Sections; 10 Persons - 15lbs Crab Sections; More than 10 Persons - 25lb Crab Sections

Whole Dungeness Crab - Cooked & Brine Frozen Whole Crab are a party favorite! The crab shells make a unique ramekin for a Crab & Articoke Dip or other Baked Appetizer! Plan on 1-1.5 Crabs Per Person. Recommended Order Sizes:
4-6 Persons - 6 Whole Cooked Crab; 10 & Up The 30lb Party Pack!

Don't forget that the Crab Bibs, Mallets, Crackers, Seafood Forks & Butter Warmers are all on sale! Use Coupon Code GIZMO10 at Checkout!

Alaska King Crab:

Snap N Eat Leg Portions - This is an ideal choice for a low mess quick to get to party alternative! Just steam, then Snap n Eat! Our Snap n Eat Legs are the 2nd thru 4th leg sections of our Super Jumbo Crab. Quantities if the product are limited. Recommended Order Sizes:
2-4 Persons 5lbs; 5-8 Persons 10lbs

Super Jumbo King Crab Legs - These legs average between 6 and 9 Legs per 10 pounds! Super Jumbo Claws are optional and average 1lb per Claw! One or two Legs Per Person.

King Crab Large Select Portions - These monsters are trimmed from our Super Jumbo Alaska King Crab using the body knuckle & 1st Leg section only. They range in size from 9 to 12 ounces each! One or two per person.

Check out our Super Bowl Appetizers Recipe of the Week! There are four different appetizers featurning Smoked Salmon & Cracked Crab Meat in Quesadillas, Pinwheels, Dips & a Smoked Salmon Loaf . Easy to make & fan tested!

Don't forget to enter the Wild Ocean Seafoods Recipe Contest! A party is the perfect occasion to prepare & photograph your recipe!

Dungeness Crab Season officially closed to non-native commercial fishing last Wednesday. About half our boats are going out for Herring and the other half are Rigging for Halibut.

Halibut Season opens in Alaska next week and in Washington towards the end of the month.



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