Saturday, February 23, 2008

March Seafood Update & Specials

It’s the end of winter in Ferndale and rather rainy in Honolulu. This time of year, I would rather be there than here except for the Dungeness Crab Season!

The winter weather has been rough on our crabbers. Most of the Dungeness Crab fishery is done with small boats, typically 35ft to 55ft long. Getting in or out in bad weather is a challenge, much less setting or pulling the pots in high seas. The weather in January and February was unusually stormy, limiting the fishing days. Well, if it was easy, the Crab probably would not be so tasty! The season is winding down and will end in the next 20-30 days. We hope to have enough crab in by then to get is to Mothers Day (or at Least the Final 4 Parties).

Web Update – We have consolidated our web presence into & our blog . Our old informational site, has been “retired” now that all of that information is available at If you do enter the older URL, it will automatically forward you to the right place. If you have “bookmarked” a page on other than the home page, you will get a “page not found error”.

Wild Ocean Seafoods Recipe Contest – We have recently launched our recipe contest! We want to hear how you prepare Wild Seafood! The rules are simple, there are lots of prizes, and we are planning a recipe book at the end of 2008. Don’t be afraid to enter! We are looking for recipes that can be made in a regular kitchen with normal Kitchen & BBQ utensils. There will be an eBook and print version if the interest is there. Visit our Recipe Contest Page for more information.

Cooking Tips n Tricks is a resource area for cooks to learn & share ideas that will enhance their preparation of Wild Seafood. We just started this new section on our web site devoted to cooking & preparation techniques that appear to not be widely known. (At least by most of the TV Chefs). If we publish your Cooking Tip on our Website, you will receive a $15 Wild Ocean Seafoods Gift Certificate! Our first tip is how to use a raw potato to reduce the saltiness of a dish, our second is how to cook with wasabi powder. Some other interesting tips we would like share with our customers are shortcuts that adapt cooking methods to make recipes at home taste like their restaurant counterparts, fix “mistakes”, or substitute ingredients.

March Seafood Specials

Our Combo Packs have become quite popular since we expanded them in January. We introduced our Alaska Seafood Sampler with King Salmon, Sockeye Salmon & Halibut, and four different Hawaiian Seafood Samplers. All range from 9lbs to 10lbs in net weight and are ideal to be shipped 2 Day Air. These Combo Packs compliment our existing Salmon Combos. Save 10% on our Combo Packs now thru March 31st by using Coupon Code COMBO10 at checkout.

BBQ & Seafood Accessories at Wild Ocean Seafoods have always been a search to find fun, innovative and hard to find items, then package them in quantities that make sense for our customers.
Take a look at some of our new arrivals:
Stainless Steel Seafood Forks that will not bend or break as you attack you crab.
Our updated Seafood/Nut Crackers now feature a spring loading feature that leaves the in the “open” position until closed by hand. No more cramped hands! Avalable in 2 Cracker & 6 Cracker Sets.
Cut n Slice Flexible Cutting Boards have just arrived, not only are the dishwasher safe, but the allow you to chop spices, vegetables & dice meat & seafood and move them to the pan without dropping half of them on the stove top or the floor! The cutting boards will save your counter tops, knives, and fold into a funnel to pour you ingredients into the pot or pan. 4 Board Set.
Red Lobster Claw Crackers have been quite a hit since we introduced them late last year. Shaped like a lobster claw, they provide great leverage when cracking Crab or Lobster. They are also very festive & visually appealing. Available in 2 Packs & 6 Packs for your next crab party.
Save 10% on our BBQ & Seafood Accessories now thru March 31st by using Coupon Code GIZMO10 at checkout.

Spices, Rubs & Sauces – We are having a Sale on Tom Douglas “Rub with Love” Spice Rubs! Buy any 3 Spice Rubs, Marinades, Teriyaki or BBQ Sauce & Save 15% from now until March 31st! Use Coupon Code TOM15 at Checkout.



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