Wednesday, January 02, 2008

January Seafood Update & Exclusive Promo Codes

It certainly was a very busy Christmas Season at Wild Ocean Seafoods! It is always great to see our Wild Seafood going to the same customers & gift recipients year after year.

This December, we had to process our Dungeness Crab outside in the crab shed while we processed our fish inside. Unfortunately for us, there always seemed to be high winds on crab processing days. One of our staff referred to this as “Hurricane Cooked Crab” as pieces of the crab shed roof & siding were spinning of into the Straights of Georgia!

We have some coupon codes in this email. Look for coupon codes in Dungeness Crab, Hawaiian Seafood, Spices, Rubs & Marinades & Seafood Accessories. Our coupon codes are always released to our existing customers about 2 weeks before we advertise them to the general public. In many cases, we don’t advertise to the general public as quantities are limited by season, stock or weather.

Dungeness Crab – We have been getting really superb crab over the past month, weather allowing and finally have enough for a current customer special! Use Coupon Code DCRAB10 and save 10% on your next Dungeness Crab purchase over $99! If you are thinking Crab for Valentine’s Day, it is a good idea to take advantage of the Promo & Schedule your delivery in the order comments section. Valentines is on Thursday the 14th, our last 2 Day Shipping Day for Valentines is Tuesday the 12th of February.

Alaska King Crab – The Alaska Season has pretty much wound down with 95% of the quota caught and the crab has been processed & graded. We have noticed with some amusement that many of our competitors are advertising “Colossal King Crab Legs” that are actually only HALF the size of our Super Jumbo Legs! We are featuring Alaska King Crab in the following configurations:
Super Jumbo Whole Legs – Graded 6 to 9 Legs per 10lbs in 5lb, 10lb, 15lb & 20lb sizes
Super Jumbo Large Select Portions – Cut from 6 to 9 Legs, Body Knuckle & Menus (1st Leg Section) only. These massive leg portions range in size from 9 to 14 ounces each! Available in 5lb, 10lb, 15lb & 20lb sizes
Snap n Eat Leg Portions – Scored from 6 to 9 Legs & Claws, 2nd thru 4th Leg Joints. This has become a very popular item this winter! Great for a party & more than two can eat by themselves. Available in a 5lb size.

King Salmon – Martha Stewart’s Blueprint Magazine has a nice picture of our 3lb Wild King Salmon Large Party Fillet featured in their January/February Edition. Entitled “Essential Recipe No. 3: Herb-Crusted Salmon with Roasted Lemons”, this recipe can be made with our Large Party Fillets or our 8/9oz Boneless King Salmon Portions with equally great results!

Hawaiian Fish Combo Packs – We have introduced several new Hawaiian Seafood Combo Packs in 9lb sizes. These make not only great gifts but also give you the option to try our different Hawaiian Seafood at the lower 10lb price as well as reduced shipping:
Hawaiian Seafood Sampler #1 Shibi, Mahi & Shutome
Hawaiian Seafood Sampler #2 Ono, Opakapaka & Mahi Mahi

Hawaiian Seafood Sampler #3 Ono, Opakapaka & Opah
Hawaiian Seafood Ultimate Sampler #4 Ono, Mahi, Opah, Shibi, Opakapaka, & Shutome
Use Coupon Code ALOHA10 and save 10% on your Hawaiian Seafood Sampler Order!

Spices, Rubs, Marinades & Sauces: Spend $10 or more on Spices, Rubs & Marinades and save 10%. Use Coupon code GIZMO10
Tom Douglas Teriyaki Sauces
are now in stock! Seattle has almost as many Teriyaki joints as coffee shops. So you know that Tom’s new Teriyaki sauces had to pass the test! We have all three Ginger Pineapple, Triple Garlic & Spicy Red Chile. They are also available as a 3 pack Trifecta at a special savings.
Tom Douglas Glazes & Marinades have arrived! Try Tom’s Ginger Hoisin, Mango Sweet & Sour, & Sweet Chile Coconut Glazes & Marinades. They are also available as a 3 pack Trifecta at a special savings.

Seafood Accessories are On Sale in January! Use Coupon Code GIZMO10 and Stock up on Grill Planks, Butter Warmers, Crab & Lobster Crackers, Cutlery & More!



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