Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Wild Ocean Seafoods - November Seafood

November is Dungeness Crab Month at Wild Ocean Seafoods!
The winter crab is coming in (and going out) at a brisk pace. They are big & feisty!
We have whole cooked Dungeness Crab in 2 Pack, 6 Pack & 30lb Party Packs. Whole Dungeness Crab are always a great gift idea! This month, use coupon code WCRAB10 and save 10% on your Whole Crab Order!
Dungeness Crab Sections (Clusters) are available in 5lb, 10lb & 25lb sizes.
If you are planning a party with the 30lb Whole Crab or 25lb Cluster Packs, please give us a weeks notice! Landings are weather dependent as this currently a small boat fishery. A good “Pineapple Express” or “NorEaster” can set us back a week in processing & shipping.

King Crab is coming in slowly and is difficult to obtain in the large sizes we offer. Once again, if you are planning a large event, give us a weeks notice to make sure that we can fill your order. Supplies should ease late this month but it will likely be a free for all leading up to Christmas. We are experiencing the greatest difficulty with our Super Jumbo select portions.
We have two new sizes in King Crab Legs at a great value! Snap n Eat Leg Portions & King Crab Snap n Eat Claws. The Snap n Eat Legs & Claws are made from our Jumbo King Crab Legs. These two King Crab offerings are a limited supply item. Both are available in 5lb Sizes.

Alaska Seafood – We have generally good availability on a daily basis for most Wild Salmon except Coho. There are times where we have not portioned enough of a particular size for the weeks projected sales, but we can process additional portions in 24 to 48 hours. (We process the catch into whole boneless fillets & vacuum pack within hours of catch, then portion while still frozen based on demand). Our “Once Frozen Fresh” process delivers you a product that is literally only hours old when you cook it!

King Salmon is in good supply with the exception of Large Party Fillets. Since these fillets are 3lbs each, only very large King Salmon can be used. If you are planning a large dinner party, give us a weeks notice. King Salmon is available in 4/6oz, 8/9oz & 16oz Boneless Portions, 4/6oz Steaks or Large Party Fillets.

Sockeye Salmon are also in good supply. We put up over 100% more Sockeye this year as we ran out last spring. This has always been a big seller and a favorite with many of our repeat customers. Sockeye is available in 4/6oz, 8/9oz & 16oz Boneless Portions or Whole Fillet Sides by special order.

Coho Salmon – It is the season! We are unsure how the Coho run will pan out this year and have limited supplies on hand. This should ease over the next few weeks as landings improve.

Pacific Steelhead – We will have sufficient supplies later this month to reintroduce Wild Pacific Steelhead to our line up. We ran completely out last spring and have had to wait for the Tribal Fisheries to start. The popularity and limited supply of these great fish over the past few years has made them difficult to come by.

Pacific Halibut – The season has wound down with the final landings this past week. We have Halibut Steaks and 4/6 & 8/9oz Fillet Portions on the way. It is traditional that the last boats coming home at season end from Alaska bring a full load with them.

Hawaiian Fish - We have noticed that there are some logistical problems with our Hawaiian Seafood. The air shipments arrive on Thursday mornings. We still must do final processing & labeling on Thursday & Friday. So, if we are out of an item, it will be shipped the next week. We have been increasing our shipment sizes weekly, but demand has increased proportionally. We are trying to get ahead of this by Thanksgiving. If you need something right away, call us to check the stock status.

Opakapaka (Pink Snapper) – We have had great difficulty in obtaining any of our famous table snapper over the past month. The Hawaiian bottom fishery reopened a few weeks ago, but so far, the landings have been very spotty. After a 5 month delay, folks are lining up at the Honolulu Fish Auction and “snapping them up”! We should have a window in the next few weeks to acquire enough to get us to Christmas. We will send out an eMail when we are back in stock.

Shutome (Swordfish) – This is a bright spot in the long line fishery. Swordfish reached a sustainable biomass worldwide this spring and landings have been consistent. A great fish to pan sauté’ or grill on the BBQ (Even in winter) Available as 6/9oz Steaks & Loins.

Shibi (Yellowfin Tuna) – There is nothing quite like a pan seared Shibi Steak! We have them in 4/6oz & 6/9oz portion sizes as well as whole loin portions.

Mahi Mahi – “Good Good” Mahi has become the signature fish of Hawaii over the past few years. Light & flaky, this fish is a great canvass for preparations that include complex sauces. They are available in 4/6oz & 8/9oz fillet portions. Look for a Mahi “Recipe of the Week” soon.

Ono (Wahoo) – Ono means "sweet, very good to eat". We get a lot of reorders for our Ono Fillets! A firm white flesh, with a less distinct blood line that many open ocean fish, Wahoo is a great substitute for Halibut. Available in 4/6oz & 8/9oz Fillets.

Hapu`upu`u (Hawaiian Grouper) – We are going to attempt a “Hail Mary” here and bring in Hapu`upu`u for the holidays! When you see it on the web site, it will be in transit! Since the size of the fish can vary significantly, we are not sure what portion sizes will be viable yet. The Hapu`upu`u can vary in size from 5lbs to 30lbs. If the fish trend smaller, expect whole boneless fillets & a single portion size similar to Opakapaka, if larger, we will offer them in our standard 4/6 & 8/9oz sizes.



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