Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Wild Ocean Seafoods - October Seafood

It is getting cooler in Ferndale now, the boats are back from Alaska and our attention has turned to the upcoming Dungeness Crab Season & the Opening of the Bottomfish Season in Hawaii. This is the time we start getting ready for Christmas Orders, with the smoker running daily & the Crab Cookers & Brine Freezers being serviced for the Dungeness Season.

In This Issue:
Dungeness Crab Season Opens October 16th!
Hawaiian Open Ocean Fish, Snappers & Groupers
Wild Salmon
King Crab Legs (Promo Code)
Seafood Accessories for Holiday Parties
What’s Smoking at Wild Ocean Seafoods
The Santoku Knife – Get one Free! (See Below)

Dungeness Crab - It has been a slow year for Dungeness Crab. The good news is the local season opener is just around the corner! We expect some good catches thru early December. Our Dungeness Crab Clusters are available in 5lb, 10lb & 25lb sizes. Whole Cooked Dungeness Crab are available in 2 Crab, 6 Crab & 30lb Party Packs. Look for a promo code after the 16th in our “Recipe of the Week” email.

Hawaiian Fish - We are amazed at how quickly our Hawaiian Seafood has taken off! It has been impossible to keep up the last few weeks. We have shifted to a weekly shipment instead of every other week. Unfortunately, the shipment typically arrives on Wednesday Nights, so 2 Day Air orders will ship the following Monday. Expect a 3 to 7 business day delay on some items thru October until we can catch up. We are currently offering Yellowfin Tuna (Shibi), Swordfish (Shutome) , Wahoo (Ono) , Moonfish (Opah) & Pink Snapper (Opakapaka) . By the end of October, we expect to see Ruby Snapper (Onaga) , Mahi Mahi & Black Grouper (Hapu`upu`u) as well.

Wild Salmon - We have re-instituted many of our popular Wild Salmon Combos this fall. Our popular King-Coho-Sockeye Sampler is back as well as King-Sockeye & Coho-Sockeye Combos. These are excellent ways to introduce your friends & family to Wild Salmon. We will be featured as a supplier in Martha Stewart’s “Blueprint” Magazine in the Nov-Dec or Dec-Jan Issue. Blueprint is featuring a King Salmon holiday dinner recipe featuring a 3lb Boneless King Salmon Fillet. We sent 7 3lb fillets to Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia last month for the photos & test kitchen. We will be posting the recipe(s) as a “Recipe of the Week” around Thanksgiving.

Alaska King Crab - We have been watching with some amusement as some companies are advertising “Jumbo” King Crab Legs that are not so “Jumbo”. King Crab legs are graded by size. The size count indicates how many legs plus a claw equals 10lbs. Our Jumbo King Crab legs are graded 6/9, which means there are 6 to 9 legs plus a claw in 10lbs. Looking around the net, lots of folks are calling 12/14 Count “Jumbo”. We feel that the objective should be to deliver the most edible meat. Our Jumbo King Crab are graded twice as big as many of our competitors, cost less… and because the meat to shell ratio is substantially higher, they have nearly 300% more crab meat! This Month, use Promo Code KING10 on checkout and save 10% on Jumbo & Super Jumbo King Crab Legs!

Seafood Accessories – Planning a holiday seafood party? We have some great stuff in our BBQ & Seafood Accessories Category! Bibs, Mallets, Sea Shellers, Planks, Butter Warmers & Crackers are being joined by some unique kitchen tools for the holidays.

What's Smoking - As we mentioned earlier, the smoker is going into overtime this month. We are getting a lot of orders for our Wild Smoked Salmon Bagel Toppers since our omelet recipe last month. This is a great addition to any seafood order! We also have Hot Smoked King Salmon Bellies, King Fillets in Traditional, Pepper & Garlic flavors. Our Wild Sockeye & King Salmon Pouches are great for gifts and are currently shipping with free freight!

The Santoku Knife:

The Santoku [san-TOH-koo] is a multi purpose knife that is essentially the Asian version of a chefs or cooks knife.

Chefs Knife vs. Santoku: A santoku can capably perform chefs knife duties like chopping, mincing & slicing. Most santoku knives have a very flat edge, making the suitable for carving duty as well. The blade features hollowed out ovals called kullens or grantons. These help trap juices and reduce drag for smooth slicing. The Chefs knife blade is usually curved more than a santoku, giving it a superior rocking motion. This is handy when cutting firmer vegetables, cheeses, meats or partially frozen foods.

The Surge® 7 Inch Santoku from Wild Ocean Seafoods combines the classic santoku with the curve of a chefs knife. Get all the santoku knifes advantages without the “learning curve”. The Surge® Santoku features full tang, stainless molybdenum Vanadium steel with a 7” tapered grinding & stone finished blade. Double bolstered for superb balance with a comfortable ergonomic soft grip handle.

With our new Online Store, we now have the ability to offer promo codes & discounts. We then had the idea to offer our 7” Santoku Knife Free on orders over $79.99. Then we found out the Online Store does not support free goods directly. Well, we already bought the knives, so, if you have a qualifying order of $79.99 or greater before shipping, just put “Free Knife” in the comments field!



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