Sunday, September 30, 2007

Smoked Salmon Omelets w/Baked Potato Wedges

Recipe of the Week - September 30th 2007

We enjoy a nice breakfast on Sunday Mornings. What better way to start the day than a nice omelet and some crisp oven baked potato wedges!

Smoked Salmon Bagel Toppers or Wild Ocean Seafoods® Smoked Salmon Can Fillets
Tom Douglas Chinese 12 Spice Rub
Yukon Gold or Red Potatoes

Prep Time: (20 Minutes)
Thaw the Smoked Salmon Bagel Toppers in the refrigerator overnight or Open & Drain a Can of Wild Ocean Seafoods® Gourmet Smoked Salmon Can Fillets.
Grate your cheese
Beat Eggs in a mixing bowl (2-3 per omelet)
Quarter potatoes & boil for 15 minutes or Microwave whole for 4 minutes.

Cooking Time: (20 Minutes)
Toss the quartered potatoes in olive oil & Tom Douglas Chinese Spice Rub & place on a pan in the oven. A cookie sheet works well. Bake @ 350-375F for 20 minutes turning once with tongs or spatula.
If you are using Smoked Salmon Bagel Toppers, remove the skin (it will come off in one piece) and crumble or slice the salmon. Using Smoked Salmon Can Fillets, just break up with a fork.
Start you omelets in a pan or pans, adding the smoked salmon & cheese when the omelet has partially set up.
Flip the omelet closed.

Place omelet on one side of plate
Add potatoes & season w/Salt & pepper to taste


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