Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thanksgiving Shipping Schedule - Seafood Update

The Wild Ocean Seafoods Family would like to Wish You and Your Family the very best this Thanksgiving! We are forgoing the “Recipe of the Week” this week as it is usually Turkey.

The shipping schedule next week is impacted by the Thursday Holiday. For some reason, FedEx does NOT count Thanksgiving as a “transit day”.

We can only send 2 Day Air Shipments out on Monday for Wednesday Delivery. Orders received Tuesday & Wednesday for In Stock items must be sent Overnight. The 2 Day Air orders will be shipped the following Monday for Wednesday delivery.

If you need something for Thanksgiving, please give us a call to make sure we can get it to you on time!

Product Updates:

Opakapaka - We finally are getting our Opakapaka shipments! We are going to try to get our back orders out Monday. We have just received some larger Opaka Fillets in the 20-28oz size. This is pretty big for Opaka! If you would like to order this size, please give us a call. The price is the same as the 12-14oz Fillets.

Pacific Halibut – We just received our Halibut from Alaska. Our feature for Christmas is Halibut Steaks! We also have 8oz Halibut Fillets available. We hope to have enough in stock to last until the March opening.

Dungeness Crab – We are running a coupon code for existing Customers & Friends on our Whole Cooked Dungeness Crab. Save 10% at Checkout with Coupon Code WCRAB10. This is good until November 30th.

Dungeness Crab Sections (Clusters) are available, but they are coming in & going out pretty quickly! We are, weather permitting, in good shape on inventory as long as the weather holds. The Dungeness Crab fishery is a small boat fishery and high winds or poor tides can slow or stop the supply for as long as a week.

Dungeness Crab Meat – We are going to have to discontinue our 2lb size. It must be shipped overnight when ordered as a single frozen item, as a result, most of the orders received do not have the correct freight option chosen. Frankly, the shipping on this item is as much as the crab meat! Some great alternatives are our 5lb Dungeness Crab Sections & our Antarctic Crab Meat in the 5lb Size (Five 16oz Trays). The Antarctic crab, (Cancer Edwardii) differs from its close cousin Dungeness Crab (Cancer Magister) by the size of the Claws. As a result, there is significantly more Claw meat in the Antarctic Crab. Expect 60-65% Claw & Leg to body meat in our Antarctic Crab. This is a Wild product of Chile. We also have this available as Claw Meat Only. These options can be shipped Overnight or 2 Day Air.

King Crab – We have made some changes to our King Crab Lineup. The terms “Jumbo”, “Colossal” etc are marketing devices to describe King Crab Leg Sizes. Our “Jumbo” King crab legs are Graded 6/9. This means there are 6 to 9 legs per 10lbs plus a claw. This is approximately twice the size of our competitor’s offerings! So, we are re-labeling our King Crab appropriately. Jumbo King Crab are now Super Jumbo King Crab Legs, and Super Jumbo is now Super Jumbo Large Select Portions

Two new items are King Crab Snap n Eat Legs and King Crab Snap n Eat Claws. We have taken the 2nd thru 4th leg sections of our Jumbo King Crab, scored them and packaged them as Snap n Eat Legs ($69.99 for 5lbs). The King Crab Claws, which used to be sent with the Jumbo King Crab Legs, are now Pre-Scored and sold separately as Snap n Eat Claws (79.99 for 5lbs). Both are available in 5lb Sizes in limited supply. The Super Jumbo King Crab Legs are now shipped as just legs.

Super Jumbo King Crab Large Select Portions featuring the Body Knuckle & Menus (First Leg Portion) were formerly available as 7-9oz portions are now 9-12oz Portions! This is great for parties or an intimate dinner at home as the leg will (almost) fit on the plate! The crab meat ratio of our Super Jumbo Select Portions is the highest available of any King Crab offering!



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