Sunday, March 23, 2008

April Seafood Update & Coupon Codes

Spring is threatening now, some sunny days and torrential rains in Ferndale! We are trying a slightly different format with the Coupon Codes with the Products and a Summary of the Coupon Codes at the bottom of the newsletter. Hopefully this will make them easier to find.

It’s Halibut Season!
We expect Halibut prices to trend a little lower in the next couple weeks as the initial demand has subsided. As a result, we are offering our existing customers 10% off Halibut from now thru whenever the price starts creeping up! Hopefully, we can run this special thru April. Use Coupon Code HALIBUT10 at checkout.

Dungeness Crab
season ends everywhere in Washington April 3rd. Demand was unusually strong for Easter and many folks are ordering Crab for Final Four Parties. Many of you regularly purchase Dungeness Crab for Mothers Day. It would be a good idea to order early as we sold out a week before Mothers Day last year.

King Crab – We have posted a diagram on the main Alaska King Crab Page that identifies the parts of the King Crab graphically. Our Snap N Eat Leg Portions are a great idea for a casual get together as a side or appetizer. Save 10% on your next Snap N Eat Order! Use Coupon Code SNAP10 at checkout.

Wild Salmon
Salmon Burgers
– We begin with the highest quality ingredients. Each patty contains 98% premium Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon or Wild Pacific Steelhead, with the remaining 2% consisting Tom Douglas Famous “Rub with Love” Salmon Rub, an organic mixture of Brown Sugar, Smoked Paprika, Kosher Salt, Black Pepper & Thyme. No artificial colorings, additives, fillers or preservatives! Each Burger contains more Omega 3 Oils than a daily dose of Omega 3 supplements! Each patty is a ¼ lb; ideal for a healthy lunch, they are also perfect for fish tacos or appetizer wedges on crackers! We sell this in 1lb packages, so think about ordering some with your next frozen fish or crab order! Most other Salmon Burgers on the market are made from Pink Salmon, a fish very low in natural oils and require binders to set up.

King (Chinook) Salmon – This has been our most popular salmon for the past 2 months. It seems that the bad news about the California Salmon runs have sent many out on the web in search of the King of Salmon! We have good supplies as we process King Salmon most of the year. Don’t forget, we have a 10% off special on Fish Combos – Use Coupon Code COMBO10

Sockeye Salmon – Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon has certainly been a signature item at Wild Ocean Seafoods for many years. Each year, we put up more & more and still run out a couple months early! If you are thinking Sockeye Salmon, it would be a good idea to order before the end of April! Don’t forget, we have a 10% off special on Fish Combos – Use Coupon Code COMBO10

Smoked Salmon – As any Northwest or Alaska transplant will tell you, Hot Smoked Salmon is the best! We have re-introduced Hot Smoked Salmon Strips to our web site! Made from the rich bellies of King Salmon, they are packaged in 10/11oz portions. The King Salmon Belly is ultra rich in Omega 3 Oils and has been a Northwest favorite for over 100 years. Frankly, we could sell all of them locally!

Hawaiian Fish
Opakapaka – The Hawaiian ground fish season is ending right about now. We put up twice as much Opakapaka as last year, but barring additional supplies from Tahiti, we will likely run out by mid summer.

Ono (Wahoo) – We have had just a fantastic year with Ono! More & more people are discovering the flavor & versatility of this fish. We have adjusted the cut to be more of a fillet-steak as the Ono we are getting are trending to the larger fish.

Opah (Moonfish) – This is a fish you must try! Since we introduced Opah last year, it has been a very popular item to be re-ordered. Many have discovered this fish in one of our Hawaiian Fish Samplers and the re-ordered just the Opah! Don’t forget, we have a 10% off special on Hawaiian Fish Combos – Use Coupon Code COMBO10
Shutome (Swordfish) – We originally processed our sword loins & Steaks “skin on, blood line in”. While this has been the “custom” for most swordfish products, many people do not care for the stronger taste of the skin rind or blood line. As a result, we have changed our processing to improve the uniformity of flavor in our Swordfish. Our Swordfish is now processed “Skin off, blood line out”. We feel that the added effort produces a much more uniformly flavorful steak. If you prefer the skin on, let us know and we will accommodate you in 3 to 5 working days.

Final Four Party Snacks – We have some great appetizer & snack ideas in our Recipe of the Week section for a Final Four Party!

Wild Ocean Seafoods Recipe Contest – Send in your recipes! We have not had a lot of submissions over the past few weeks, making winning easier than ever! We want to know how you prepare Wild Seafood!

Coupon Code Summary – Effective from NOW to April 30th:

Save 10% on Halibut Fillets & Steaks – Use Coupon Code HALIBUT10 at Checkout

Save 10% on Alaska King Crab Snap n Eat Leg Portions – Use Coupon Code SNAP10 at Checkout

Save 10% on Seafood Combos – Use Coupon Code COMBO10 at Checkout

Save 15% on Tom Douglas Spices, Rubs & Marinades when you purchase 3 items – Use Coupon Code TOM10 at Checkout

Save 10% on BBQ & Seafood Accessories – Use Coupon Code GIZMO10 at Checkout



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