Sunday, May 18, 2008

Seafood by the Portion

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Introducing Seafood by the Portion!
We are very excited to finally have a solution for people who were looking for smaller quantities of our Wild Alaskan & Hawaiian Seafood! The challenge to getting you the best quality seafood has always been a combination of the thermal stability of the shipment and the shipping container.

Over the past few years, many of our regular customers have often called in to place orders for less that the 5lb Standard Packages. Many of these customers simply do not have the freezer space in their condo or apartment for 5lbs of just one thing. So we would figure out the cost per item, then add them up and ship the order!

So we have introduced our Seafood by the Portion section. Now you can shop for a couple fillets of this or a couple pounds of that. Individual Portions can now be combined into 6 portion orders! Mix, match, or add individual items to your cart, or add a little something special to your order in smaller quantities!

You still save money by purchasing in our standard quantities, but now you can order 5 or 10lbs of Salmon Fillets & add some cracked Crab Meat, Lobster Tails, or other Fillets and still be eligible for 2 Day Air shipping!

Since this is a new section for us, we would like YOUR help in working out the bugs! Purchase any “By the Portion” item and save 15% from now thru May 31st! Use Coupon Code BP15 at checkout. [TOP]

Spicy Shutome & Prawn Skewers
Recipe of the Week May 18th 2008
This is the first of several Skewer Recipes we will be presenting over the next few weeks leading up to Fathers Day. You will find that they are easy to prepare and add entertainment for your family or guests. A general note about quantities: Each skewer should have 4 to 6 Jumbo Gulf Shrimp and 5 to 7 Swordfish cubes. Our U15 size Wild Gulf Shrimp will typically yield 3 to 4 Skewers, while the 16/20 size will yield 4 to 6 skewers. Each 6/9oz Swordfish steak will yield about 6 to 9 1oz cubed pieces or 1 to 2 skewers.

Wild Ocean Seafoods® Wild Jumbo Gulf Shrimp
Wild Ocean Seafoods® Hawaiian Swordfish (Shutome) Steaks or Cubes
Olive Oil
Tom Douglas Spicy Tokyo Rub or Tom Douglas Teriyaki Sauce
12” Bamboo or Stainless Steel Skewers

Soak Bamboo Skewers for 1 hour in water (Eliminate this step if using Stainless Steel Skewers)
Peel & De-vein the Wild Gulf Shrimp and Place in a cold water brine for 20 minutes (Tip on Brining Shrimp)
Cut the Swordfish into 1oz cubes
In a non reactive bowl, combine olive oil and 1 tsp of Tom Douglas Spicy Tokyo Rub for every 4 skewers. Use as little olive oil as possible to make a paste. (If using Tom Douglas Teriyaki Sauce, you can skip this step)
Rinse the shrimp from the brine, pat dry and combine with the cubed Swordfish in the spice rub & olive oil bowl or with the teriyaki sauce.
Mix until the Swordfish & Prawns are fully coated.
Refrigerate for 20-30 minutes.

Pre-heat BBQ
Assemble the shrimp & swordfish by alternating each piece on the skewer, starting & ending with a swordfish cube.
Reduce heat to medium on one side of the BBQ
Place the Skewers on the lower heat side of the BBQ
Turn every 2-3 minutes on each of 4 sides
Remove & Serve (Try our Cut n Slice 4 Piece Flexible Cutting Board Set)
Enjoy! [TOP]

New Items
As we prepare for the summer BBQ season, we are adding some new items. In our Grill Plank Section, we now offer 100 Count 12” Bamboo Skewers and 12” Stainless Steel Skewers in a 6 piece set.

Going forward, we will be adding 1lb pre-cubed Tuna, Swordfish and Salmon Chunks. When available these can be found in our Seafood by Portion Section of the store. [TOP]

Coupon Codes Expiring May 31st
15% Off Seafood by the Portion - Code: BP15
20% Off Tom Douglas Marinades & BBQ Sauces – Code TOM20
10% Off BBQ & Seafood Accessories – Code GIZMO10



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