Tuesday, July 08, 2008

July 2008 Seafood Update

In This Issue:
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Alaska Seafood
This has certainly been an interesting salmon season! King & Sockeye Salmon are coming in late everywhere in Alaska this year.

Sockeye Salmon have caught up to their normal levels after a couple week delay.

King Salmon are still running behind their 5 year average and supplies are very short.

Pacific Halibut is in good supply and we have them in Steaks & Boneless Fillets.

Dungeness Crab Sections (Clusters) are available again, but we will not have Whole Cooked Crab in until late August. It is simply too expensive to ship whole crab from Alaska.

Alaska King Crab - Supplies are good thru September. We expect that we will have a product gap sometime in October befor supplies improve. Save 10% on Alaska King Crab Snap n Eat Legs and Claws thru July 31st! use Coupon Code SNAP10 [TOP]

Wild Gulf Shrimp - High fuel prices have left the Deep Water Shrimp fleet tied up for much of the summer. As a result, we are running very low on U15 & 16/20 Count Wild Shrimp. We expect to be out by the end of July and do not expect significant shipments until mid September. We have about 50-60lbs of Wild Gulf Shrimp left in inventory. U15 shrimp are only available by the 1lb portion. 16/20 Count are available by the portion or in our standard 5lb & 10lb sizes.

Giant Sea Scallops - Supplies are looking pretty stable for our U10 & 10/20 Count Wild Giant Sea Scallops. These are perfect for summer time BBQs!

Razor Clam Meat - This season is very short. We will probably be out by September. [TOP]

Hawaiian Seafood
The Hawaiian Bottom Fishery is closed until October but the
Open Ocean Fisheries are in full swing.

Opakapaka (Pink Snapper) - Last year, in spite of our best efforts, we ran out of Opakapaka in August and did not have supplies until the 3rd week in October. We really don't know how long our supplies will last, but expect shortages over the next couple months.

Opah (Moonfish)- There is very high demand for Opah right now and supplies are tight. While we won't go out of stock for long periods, there may be a weeks delay in getting your Opah in the next few weeks.

Shibi (Yellowfin Tuna) - We have introduced Shibi Poke in 1lb Bags in our Seafood by the Portion Section. Shibi Poke is pre-cubed for skewers or Poke. Yellowfin is in good supply and the quality is fantastic! We have Shibi in 4/6oz Steaks & Loin Portions.

Shutome (Swordfish) - Shutome cubes are also available in 1lb bags in our Seafood by the Portion Section. We have Shutome in 6/9oz Steaks & Loin Portions.

Hebi (Spearfish) - Coming soon! June thru October is the best time for Hebi. Hebi has amber-colored flesh that is somewhat softer than that of nairagi or kajiki (Marlins). Its flavor is mild (although more pronounced than ahi).

Ono (Wahoo) - We have good supplies of Ono in stock after playing "catch up" thru most of the spring. Available in 4/6oz or 7.9oz portions. Save 10% on Ono thru July 31st!
Use Coupon Code ONO10 [TOP]

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