Monday, April 05, 2010

Healthy Cooking Oils

Macadamia Oil - You may have noticed that we are cooking with Macadamia Oil in all our recent recipes. Yup, we sell the oil! But there is a more important reason; Macadamia Oil is simply the healthiest and most versitile cooking oil avalable. Macadamia is a nut oil that is expeller pressed from newly havested, shell on nuts. This process is calledc"cold pressing" when referring to olive oil.

Macadamia Oil has a shelf life of 20 months after opening and needs no refrigeration. Lastly in the debate between Omega 6 (bad fats as we consume too much in our diet) and Omega 3 (good fats that we generally need more of), Macadamia Oil has the lowest ratio (3:1) of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids. This ration is 4 times better than olive oil (8:1) and almost the same as canola oil (2.6:1). (Every other cooking oil is off the chart, in fact none except corn oil at a 61:1 ratio have ANY Omega 3's at all!)

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