Friday, April 02, 2010

Seafood True Species & Weights

There are a lot of articles about Seafood over the past week. Yesterday, the FDA reported it found "short weights" in 17 states of various Seafood products. In one instance a 2lb bag of "shrimp" was 37% ice by weight! (I will bet it was farmed shrimp, it thawed, the water came out of the shrimp and then it was re-frozen)

Wednesday an article in the Seattle Times titled "Food Fraud", various food items are shown to be mis-labled, from Honey to Grouper. We have to shake our heads when a grocery store Seafood Manager cannot figure out what kind of fish is in the display case! Grocery Stores are focused on volume and price when purchasing seafood, less on quality.

We see some of this activity from time to time. Because most of out products are pre-portioned by weight and vacuum packed, our customers are protected from buying "ice" instead of Seafood. In the case of items we do not process ourselves, we have many years of history with our partners. The families that own these businesses have reputations literally decades long of maintaining quality standards and fair weights and grades.

Work is picking up in the Salmon Fleet. The trip north usually begins around Fathers Day for most of the Bellingham & Blaine WA based vessels. Right now, pre-haul out maintenence is being done to the gallys, refrigeration and rigging. Most of the seine net tenders are having their preventive maintenance as well. Over the next 6-7 weeks, most of these boats will complete their haul outs and Coast Guard inspections.

Wild King Salmon AKA "Springers" should start running the Columbia River this week. As we bring these fish in, look for them on The Fresh Sheet.


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