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Salmon Benedict Recipe

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It's about 45F in Ferndale with gusty winds and intermittent showers. This is almost exactly like Ketchikan, AK in the summer. It's days like these that make me miss Honolulu. As we get ready for the Salmon Season, most skippers are on a 4 day week "breaking things" on their boats and getting ready for their annual haul out. The FV Sea Breaker (Our Logo) has been first among equals at "if it won't move, force it". This week, even the galley sink surrendered after a brief battle. Well, the sink was "original equipment" in 1956 when she was launched so I guess it was finally time. Of course NOTHING currently available will fit in that spot, so some "carpentry" will be required. I hope there is still a deck house when they finish!

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Salmon Benedict
This is a great recipe for a healthy weekend Brunch or Easter Sunday! The Sockeye Salmon Fillet replaces the more traditional ham and complements the eggs and hollandaise in an easy to make, delicious combination.

4 fillets of Wild Ocean Seafoods Sockeye Salmon
Package of Hollandaise
Tom Douglas "Rub with Love" Salmon Rub
3 Tbsp Macadamia or Oilive Oil
4 Large Eggs
English Muffins
Fresh ground Pepper
Sea Salt
Prep Time: (Mis en Place) (15 Minutes)
Thaw Salmon overnight in the refrigerator or run under cold water to thaw
Prepare Hollandaise Sauce to package directions
Sprinkle Tom Douglas Salmon Rub on Fillets & place on a baking sheet skin side down
Pre Heat oven to 350 degrees.Cooking Time: (20 Minutes)Place fillets in oven on oiled baking sheet
Pre-Heat Skillet and add 1 Tbsp oil
Add Eggs to Skillet, 3 Tbsp of Water and cover, cook until egg yokes are firm, but runny
Toast English Muffins
Place 1Tsp of Hollandaise on Each English Muffin
Remove Salmon from Oven, slide fillet off the skin and place on muffin
Place 1Tsp of Hollandaise on Salmon Fillet
Add Egg and finish with Hollandaise Sauce
Bon Appetite!

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