Saturday, December 06, 2008

We are pleased to annouce that Shipping Rates are DROPPING due to reductions in the UPS Fuel Surcharge! King Salmon prices have normalized to a more affordable level. This has created a ripple effect of lower prices throughout our store including Salmon Combos and Our Popular Grill Ready Salmon.
Our Seafood Recipe Contest has just 5 weeks left for you to win a prize and have
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Holiday Seafood Appetizer Roundup
Recipes of the Week - November 26th 2008
The Holidays are the traditional time for more frequent entertaining, potlucks & family gatherings. Our Seafood Appetizer Roundup contains our most popular Appetizer Recipes from the past year. Many of these can be made or prepped in advance, then finished in the oven when the guests arrive.
Tom’s Mom’s Crab Dip - November 25th 2007
This easy to make, creamy cold crab dip is great for holiday get-togethers! Be sure to buy a premium, top-quality potato or tortilla chips.
Super Bowl Party Appetizers
Putting together a Super Bowl Party can either be the toil of the year or a lot of fun! We have taken four of our friends & neighbors “fan tested” Snack & Appetizer Recipes and assembled them here. See how easy it is to put out a healthy, delicious spread for the big game using just a few ingredients! We often have our party goers each bring or prepare on dish at the party. Putting together these appetizers can be done during the pre-game and ready for serving by game time or half time.
Hawaiian Poke
Poke is a traditional Hawaiian Seafood prepatation, most easily described as a marinated sashimi. Made with Ahi (A general Hawaiian description of most tuna species) , our recipe features Yellowfin Tuna (In Hawaiian Shibi). This is a great recipe with a multitude of flavors for your next potluck or holiday party. This recipe is even easier with our NOH Hawaiian Poke Mix! Have authentic Hawaiian Poke in 20 Minutes, just add the fish!

Seafood News
Dungeness Crab - Due to the current poor harvest in the California Dungeness Crab fishery, we are seeing some price pressure as out of state buyers are bidding on Washington Dungeness Crab. Our Ex-Boat price has gone up by 17% in the past week. The good news has been fuel related. It costs much less to process the catch than it did 30 days ago. This combined with lower shipping rates should leave the cost to your door the same or slightly lower!

Lobster Tails - Our Jumbo & Super Jumbo Lobster Tails have been selling quickly over the past couple weeks! We have a limited supply of larger tails. We are down to 40lbs of Jumbo & 25lbs of Super Jumbo Tails for the holidays. Our West Australian Cold Water Lobster Tails are available in 7/8oz, 9/10oz, Jumbo 12/14oz and Super Jumbo 20/24oz sizes. Most can be purchased as a 2 Pack or 4 pack (must be combined with other items to ship) and 10lb Cases. Jumbo & Super Jumbo sizes are shipping now.

Alaska King Crab - Expect King Crab prices to bump up over the next few weeks. Our standard for King Crab Legs has always been our Super Jumbo King Crab Legs. King Crab Legs are graded on how many legs plus claws equal 10 lbs. Our Super Jumbo Whole Legs are graded 6/9 and average 1¼ to nearly 2 lbs per leg! We are also re-introducing our Jumbo King Crab Legs. Our Jumbo Legs are graded 9/12 and average nearly 1lb per leg! Compare these to our competitors "Colossal" and "Jumbo" King Crab Legs which cost more and weigh in at puny 2/3rds lb per leg! In those smaller King Crab sizes, the ratio of meat to shell drops significantly. Our Motto: Buy Crab not Shell!!!

Tom Douglas Spice Rubs - We had to raise our price on these great spice rubs. However, if you order 4 Rubs, mix or match, you can still get them at the old price! Save 50 Cents per rub, 4 rubs minimum, no maximum - Use Promo Code RUBME

Alder Smoked Salmon - With the Holidays approaching, now is the time to stock up on Wild Smoked Sockeye & King Salmon before the price increase! As you know, salmon prices have gone up over the past year. This will, unfortunately be reflected in our next Smoked Salmon production run. Right now, save 20% on 3 or more Smoked Salmon items (mix or match) while supplies last! Use Coupon Code SMOKE20

Seafood by the Portion - This is a great way to mix and match your seafood order without overwhelming your freezer! Click on any item to see the entire list of Shellfish, Hawaiian & Alaskan Seafood! New larger sized Cold Water Lobster Tails in Stock!

Alaska King Salmon - We are pleased to announce lower pricing on Wild King Salmon Fillets! We have "Rolled Back the Clock" to 2007! King Salmon 4/6 & 7/9oz Boneless Fillets start at $79.99 for 5lbs! Save an additional 50 cents per pound on our 10lb size!

Wild Salmon - We have added our Alaska Seafood Combos to our Hawaiian Fish Combo Promotion! Save 10% off our King and Sockeye Salmon Combo or our Wild King (Chinook), Sockeye Salmon & Pacific Halibut Combo #2 - Use Coupon Code COMBO10.

Hawaiian Fish - We have Opah (Moonfish) Opakapaka (Hawaiian Pink Snapper), Ahi/Shibi (Yellowfin Tuna), Shutome (Swordfish) and Ono (Wahoo)! If you haven't tried our Hawaiian Fish, a great way to start is with one of our Hawaiian Seafood Samplers! We have a Coupon Code good for 10% off Hawaiian Seafood Samplers - Use Coupon Code COMBO10. If you just want to try a couple of portions to add to your order, visit our Hawaiian Seafood by the Portion section!



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