Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Recipe of the Week - Lobster Rolls!

We are a week past Labor Day and in something of a "Limbo" regarding Seafood News. In fact, absolutely nothing happened since last week! As a result, we have re-printed last weeks update and placed it at the bottom of this newsletter for those who missed last week. We do have some new product news which is outlined below.

Lobster Roll Recipe
Recipe of the Week – September 5th 2008
Labor Day is the traditional "end of summer" for the small roadside Lobster Shacks on the Maine Coast. We thought it would be fun to "extend the season" with the our take on the famous Lobster Roll! We chose a yogurt based salad in this recipe, but it can be made with mayo instead.
1½ lbs Wild Ocean Seafoods Maine Snap N Eat Lobster Claws
½ medium English cucumber
¼ cup of Greek Yogurt or ½ cup American Yogurt Strained (See our Tip on Thickening Yogurt)
1 Tbsp fresh parsley
2 small green onions, thinly sliced
Kosher or sea salt
Freshly ground pepper
2-3 Romaine Leaves (optional)
2 to 3 Stadium Buns, Hoagie Rolls or Sliced Baguette
2 to 3 tablespoons unsalted butter, softened
Granulated or finely minced garlic

Prep: (Mise en place)
Shell & Remove Cartilage from Lobster Claws, rinse, pat dry & set aside
Peel & Seed Cucumber, finely chop or dice. Place in a colander to drain.
Trim & Chop Parsley Leaves, place in a mixing bowl
Slice Green Onions thinly, add to the mixing bowl
Combine Yogurt, cucumber, parsley and green onions in a mixing bowl and stir together
Fold in Lobster Claws with a spatula
Cover & Refrigerate for 30 minutes to 1 hour
Rinse & Pat Dry Romaine Leaves

Slice or open the Rolls or Baguette, coat lightly with unsalted butter & garlic, toast face up in your broiler or toaster oven. If using Baguettes, remove some of the soft bread by making a shallow "V" cut in each side.
Place a Romaine Lettuce Leaf in each bun
Stuff with Chilled Lobster Salad

Serve with Pickles, Peperoncini, Kalamata Olives and Potato Chips

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Seafood News
It took some time, but the Alaska Salmon Season finally "hit the number" in total catch!

Coho (Sliver) Salmon - Fall means the Coho Season is just begining! Our local Coho is caught with a "Reef Net" System which catches the fish in a non stresful, net "scoop" as opposed to a "gill net". The Reef Net system is SOLAR POWERED. The fish are graded live in the net and selected for harvest. The remainder are released to continue to the river & spawn. It's really a pretty cool system, now operating under sun power in it's second year. When we have em, they will be on our website!

Wild King Salmon - We have some fantastic King Salmon! This is the best time to buy King Salmon as they are all ocean caught as opposed to river caught. Ocean caught fish have the maximum flavor & oil content when compared to later, river run fish.

Alaska King Crab - We have shipped a lot of Alaska King Crab Super Jumbo Large Select Portions in the past week. That means that we have good supplies of our popular Snap n Eat King Crab Legs! These are ideal for surf n turf We have a coupon code on these thru the 15th of September or while supplies last. Save 15% on your next order with Coupon Code SNAP15.

Dungeness Crab - We are just a couple weeks away from having Whole Cooked Dungeness Crab back in stock! Right now we have Alaska Dungeness Crab Sections (Clusters) featuring fully cooked & cleaned crab. All of the edible portion of the crab is contained in the Dungeness Crab Sections. Due to the abundance of Alaska Dungeness Crab, we have LOWERED the price on Dungeness Crab Seactions!

Tom Douglas Spice Rubs - The word is out! Tom Douglas Spice Rubs will have a price increase later in September. If you enjoy these Rubs, it is definitely time to stock up! We absorbed last years increase, but cannot do it again. Expect about a $1 increase across the board. Don't forget there is still a Coupon Code good for 15% Spices Oils & Rubs over $49.99. Mix or Match and save with Coupon Code RUB15!

Close Outs & Over Stocks - We have a new category on our website to identify items that we have special values on. Our overstock & closeout section contains odd lots, items undergoing packaging changes and occasionally, discontinued items. This is somewhat annoying to our neighbors, who were used to the occasional "garage sale" after major holidays or seasonal product changes.

Seafood Accessories
Bamboo Cutlery - Our new Bamboo Disposable Cutlery has been quite popular since we introduced it a couple weeks ago! We currently carry Bambo Knives & Forks with Spoons to be added later this month. They are available in 25, 50 & 100 Count packages. Bamboo is a renewable resource and the cutlery is compostable & biodegradable. Your bamboo cutlery will become mulch in your compost pile in about 16 weeks!

Palm Tree Picks - Our Palm Tree Picks are ideal for creating "mini skewers" from your appetizer assortment. They are 7" Long with a metallic palm frond tassle. Simply poke the appetizers on at a time and make a mini skewer! Plates are optional! They are available in 48 Count packages and perfect for upcoming holiday parties.

Luau Parasol Picks - Our Parasol Picks add a festive flair to appetizers and drinks! One popular use is in Royal Hawaiian Iced Tea. Simply make some Iced Tea with

Noh Hawaiian Iced Tea Mix and add a pineapple chunk on a Parasol Pick for a fun, refreshing Luau themed beverage.



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